Digital Atelier

To do this we plan to design new “digital atelier” as a “good place” to motivate students to use ICT for personal and community benefit, developing their creative potential.

The “digital atelier” is a “laboratorio” in which teacher proposes ICT activities using the Alberto Manzi and Bruno Munari Methodologies. The teacher will be able to design an educational experience that starts from an ICT content (for example an app) to develop then a manual task, with tools and materials, in order to start a personal and collective research with students.

Contemporary art and installations, ICT, cultural services and common work materials will be mixed in students’ and teachers’ hands. The media content is a new space of “signification” and becomes the material of labor of the student who interacts in a diverge way.
Students are asked to use their extracurricular skills to solve problems in new ways. The attitude is that of the “researcher” who is both autonomous and involved in the group.

Each Consortium will realize 5 digital ateliers of at least of 6 hours for a total number of 40 pedagogical trails. The digital workshops are at the heart of the project and form an integral part of the Intellectual Outputs. In order to ensure continuity, a common and shared frame in the experimentation, we will collectively elaborate guidelines for the digital atelier, and how to investigate extracurricular media competences and best practices about innovation.

In the second Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Bologna, partners presented and experimented first Digital Atelier proposals:

After the 2nd LTTA partners started their experimentations, which will take an entire school year, in order to work on different contents and in very different european contexts.

Here the first Digital Atelier experimentations in the schools: