Karpos – Center of Education and Intercultural Communication develops local and European projects encouraging expression and the exchange of views and creative ideas through the use of media. We specialise on how media, image and sound can develop narratives and how they can be introduced in educational environments.

Karpos – Center of Education and Intercultural Communication was founded in Athens, Greece in 2008 to gather competencies and ideas in the field of Media and Education. Our non-profit organization is developing activities where media are a tool for self-expression, experience sharing, creativity and professional development. We design and run workshops for children, young people and adults, as well as training for teachers and educators. We strongly believe that, in a society where image and sound surround us, these tools need to be better understood, as more people of all ages realise the strength of media around them and many want to develop visual narratives themselves.

Karpos was founded by three experienced professionals who believe that audiovisual media and new technologies through constructed hands-on group work, encourage creativity and support the exchange of ideas. We aim at helping young people and adults to become more conscious and acive citizens in our multicultural society.

In the Greek Consortium, the main school is 1st Gymnasium of Imittos. This is a pubic school located in the area of Imittos, a middle-class area of Athens. There are 38 professors who help organize some cultural and sports activities. There is a newspaper edited by the students for two years already. There is also o blog about literature administered by both professora and students.

The second school involved is the primary school of Cholargos, a 300 pupils Primary School , in a middle class area not far from the centre of the city. A simple , quite old building with a big courtyard serve common every day life. The school has only recently gone into European projects so not much experience is available in terms of exchanges. However there is a small strong team of good pedagogues that we have collaborated with in extracurricular activities that are very keen on getting into such a project.

Most pupils are of Greek origin, but in every single class there are 3-5 first or second generation Albanian.