Zaffiria is the Lead partner of the Italian Consortium.

Zaffiria works in the field of Media Education since 1998, manages the national Centre Alberto Manzi and is qualified to work with the method Bruno Munari©.

Zaffiria also organizes training for teachers and workshops in school and extra school, with projects like “Extramedia”, for which it won the Evens Prize for Media Education 2013 as best European Project, awarded by the Evens Foundation in Paris.

Zaffiria develops training tools for students and teachers in collaboration with public institutions as Corecom Emilia-Romagna: is a website for schools where are collected video materials, a videogame produced by Zaffiria (Hamelin 2.0) and teacher materials as the “Quaderno di media education” to support school’s media education activities.

Zaffiria is engaged in European projects about media education since 2005 with the first project Media-Educ (2002-5765/001 – 001 EDU-ELEARN). Until now, we were involved in different forms in 8 European projects. In the same Consortium, there are 2 secondary schools in Valsamoggia (Bologna) and the public Fondation “Rocca dei Bentivoglio”, lead by the Union of Valsamoggia, promotes the widest possible dissemination of culture through educational activities aimed at all sections of the population; promotes the organization of training in the cultural and educational field; managed museums, media library and public libraries and historical archives.

The 2 schools involved are:

1) Istituto Comprensivo Bazzano-Monteveglio in Loc. Bazzano, Valsamoggia (BO)

2) Istituto Comprensivo Crespellano, Loc Crespellano, Valsamoggia (BO).

In both schools, project about media education and ICT were carried out. Schools and local communities are in strong network: with this project, schools aim to design digital atelier to improve cultural aspects of the local life.

This connection between schools, cultural and public services with a Media education centre is strategic for this project.