The National Association of Educational Innovation and Inclusion in Schools (AENIE) believes that it is imperative that teachers accompany this cibernaut generation of students, running the risk of becoming pedagogically obsolete.

The purposes of the association AENIE are:

  • to assure and contribute, by all means, that parents, tutors, teachers and staff can fully accomplish their mission as responsible elements for education;
  • to contribute for the balanced personality and educational development of each student;
  • to establish a teaching policy under the values of respect, equality and civic values of all students;
  • to promote an inclusive and innovative school as far as pedagogical terms are concerned using the ICT Technologies;
  • to help all students and parents/children’s tutors with economic problems;
  • to support teachers with new strategies of teaching so they can improve their pedagogical methods through internal and external formation;
  • to support schools as far as new pedagogical practices are concerned;
  • to promote and support European Clubs in the Schools;
  • to promote volunteering in schools;
  • to combat the early school leaving;
  • to promote student mobility;
  • to promote internships for students in a work context;
  • to promote new work skills of students;
  • to develop students exchange projects.