POV Clock – Persistence of vision clock

Organization: UTech Lab, Technology Laboratory at Eugenides Foundation
Location: Athens, Greece
Website: here
Type of workshop: Learning through electronics
Ages: 11-16 years old


The workshop aims to introduce to the participants the basic principles of electronics and the open source electronics platform arduino. 
The students get to know the persistence of vision phenomenon (PoV) and using 3D printed materials and electronics components they create their own PoV clock. The PoV clock is a Persistence of Vision display which is based on a mechanically moving led row. The moving led row creates an illusion of letters that create a word by turning the Leds on and off in the correct positions.

    Background of practice.

The workshop is based on a hands-on approach during which the students construct and program the project/structure themselves. During the workshop the participants use arduino, wires, LED, resistors, motors, batteries, wrenches, 3d printed parts, computers, electronics kits, as well as coding.

    What is being learned-skills developed.

During the workshop, the participants learn the DIY (Do it yourself) process, the basic principles of electronics, physics (Optics), coding, the trial and error process. The workshop aims to provide stimuli and inspire young people to experiment with modern technologies, foster critical thinking, encourage teamwork and active involvement, enhance creativity and gain problem solving skills.

    Successes- Difficulties.

The activity is designed to provide a hands-on experience for the participants and not just lectures. In this respect, the participants fill more comfortable, more engaged and less “instructed” by teachers.