Animation Academy

The animation academy is conducted two times per week. The learning process is based on the practical work. The 1st stage – a short introduction into animation and the tool used – Maya. Later, step by step more complex objects are being animated.
The learning is based on practical training and practical tasks.
The tools used – Maya, Adobe Photoshop. The materials used – presentations, showing animated videos, analysis.
The creativity is being developed as well as interest in digital animation. The need for this kind of workshops is huge in some Lithuanian cities.

Competences developed

  • Creativity
  • Ability to work with digital animation programmes
  • Ability to create scenarios of the animated video / cartoon
  • Ability to create characters and animate them.

The aim of the workshop is to create short digital animated movie using 3D animation software Maya. Short movies were up to 5 min.
It is believed that the activity was successful because participants express the wish to further develop their digital animation skills. There have not been observed any major changes that need to be done.
The idea for the workshop came from the need and lack of such activities.
Since there is not a big variety of similar workshops, this workshop / project could be treated as innovative itself.

The competences that are important in this activity are:

  • Ability to use computer;
  • Computer input and output devices;
  • Ability to creatively use the computer graphics processing programmes;
  • The ability to enter the digital information into the computer in various formats.

Today’s young people are quick learners and can perform complex tasks.

Relation to citizenship

This activity is suitable for instilling the ideas of active citizenship for participants by encouraging the creation of short movies/ videos related to social responsibility,

volunteering, etc. The students are becoming more conscious about the surrounding environment.

There were no photos taken yet since the activity is quite new and they are making first steps.