Code Academy Kids

CodeAcademy Kids are learning the most popular programming languages orientating towards the creation of an individualised project.
Presently there are 4 programmes being offered:

  • Computer game design;
  • Creation of websites;
  • Creation of apps for cell phones;
  • Creation of logotypes.

There are two levels and it is possible to start without any basics of programming.
The workshop is organised once or twice per week and it lasts for 2 hours.
Participants are working with their individual projects, thus the methodology is quite flexible. Lecturers provide theoretical material but the biggest attention is paid to practical tasks and individual consultations.
In the learning process we have 5 levels of experience: analytic and logical thinking, creativity and fantasy, accuracy to details, structured problem solving and working in a team.
The workshop space is equipped with computers and different programmes are used for writing the code and creating the design.
Main aspects of the activity:

  • To provide an opportunity for children to learn programming in an interesting and effective way.
  • To encourage them to generate new ideas;
  • To get acquainted with peers and have a dialogue with them;
  • To provide solid grounds for a successful future career.

Competences developed:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Logical thinking
  • Solving problems in a structured way
  • Creativity
  • Freeing fantasy
  • Social skills development
  • Ability to work in a team
  • To communicate thoughts and ideas in an effective way

Results expected:

  • To create a final product conforming the course chosen – a website page, logotype, computer game or mobile app.

Some created results have more functions, some less, but the workshop facilitators try to see the strengths of each participant and show him / her the way, the direction to follow.

Participants are being evaluated according to a specifically designed motivational system. A participant by performing tasks, asking questions is collecting points of experience which unlock new levels with new tasks and new programming languages.
In general, the quality and whether the activity was successful are being evaluated by the method of observation, collection of feedback from children and their parents.
The organisation has set up itself quite big expectations and based on the feedback appropriate measures are being taken into consideration: lecturers/ workshop facilitators discuss trying to find out ways to improve their activity and to provide unforgettable experience to participants.

The beginning
The idea was to make extracurricular activity that would bring children closer to a successful career in the future. The need was expressed by adults who attended the courses in the academy. They asked on how to distract children from the computer games but still to keep their interest in modern technologies. Children have all opportunities to learn programming, but they are not effective. Thus, the team of the academy created learning programmes which would not only develop the code writing skills but also many other competences.
The activity is innovative because we focus not on learning one subject, but the creation of the whole chosen project using different tools, materials needed.
The thing which fascinated the most is that children are very talented, creative and entrepreneurial. With our help several teenagers are fostering their created projects and businesses.
The organisation’s team believes that children, teenagers should have an opportunity to learn technological sciences in an interesting and fun way.
The project team believes that children from disadvantaged groups should have an opportunity to participate in the workshops thus the organisation is looking for opportunities for funding, preparing projects that will enable the access to quality and interesting methodical materials for learning programming.
New online businesses are established by young people corresponding to the expressed need in the community: f.e. some small business does not have website or logo to promote its goods, services or a new app, game is created. Then, the knowledge obtained in the workshop is of use.