European manual

The Manual will be written in English from a group composed by partners (media education expert, researchers, teachers and school experts) and external experts and will focus on the methodological aspects and on the key elements to transfer skills through training. A synthesis on the 8 national experimentations will support the usefulness of the methodologies and the 40 “digital atelier” will be the working material for deepening the methodology of design and implementation of work. Focus will be the theme of the definition and evaluation of the digital competencies of students acquired outside schools (carried out on the first part of the project).
The Consortium worked on this aspect, at methodological level, starting from the first transnational meeting and a strategic synthesis will be reported on the Manual. For the analysis of the extracurricular competences, European and national researches in the field were taken as references, as well as the comparative analysis about the best practices on ICT innovation in the educational and cultural sector.

The researches – led by single partners – that have been useful to design our Digital Ateliers: