National Toolkits

The National Toolkits will spread “how to do” and examples of “what to do” in the 8 national languages, to support teachers wishing to implement the approaches of the project in their own country. Each Toolkit will focus on students’ media competencies and on the creative use of the new media and apps aiming mainly to an asset acquisition of skills and knowledge, with key concepts. Partners will describe the general frame: national curriculum, national plans for school, laws and directives and specific instructions for teachers linked to the specificity of their national contest. The toolkit focuses on “digital atelier” and provides an introductory part in which objectives will be enucleated, with a proposal of a general structure of the “digital atelier”, the minimum requirements to work. Every toolkit will present 15 digital ateliers: 5 domestic cases and 10 digital ateliers chosen from the experiments of the partners, which are closer and achievable in the reference of the national context.
In order to propose an inventory about the experimentations in media education and ICT, we investigated 5 best practices in ICT in the 8 countries and analyzed these data in a comparative educational approach to better place the innovation of the digital atelier at the national level.

Best Practices: Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Turkey.