Learning, teaching and training activities

In the first year of project 2 Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTAs) of 5 days each, have been realized in the headquarters of the Alberto Manzi’s Archive and Centre in Bologna. During the LTTAs partners and teachers discovered and worked concretely with the “Alberto Manzi Method” and “Bruno Munari Method”, co-designed and tested the new format of the “digital atelier” and dedicated time to work on small groups, hereby starting to share the European format of the digital atelier.

Teachers’ active role consisted in linking these methodologies and contents with their school curriculum with the support of the national partners. Each Consortium has great competencies and experiences that were valorized and used during the LTT activities.

In the 1st Transnational Learning, Teaching and Training Activity 40 Teachers and staff from the 8 partner countries worked together from the 9th to 13th of January 2017 on the methodologies of Alberto Manzi and Bruno Munari:

– on “One image and thousand words” with Alessandra Falconi:

– on “How to draw a tree” and “QR Code” with Sara Rendina and Wanda Mannino (Six Memos):

– on “Competencies” with Pierre Fastrez (UCL, Université catholique de Louvain):


2nd LTTA

In the 2nd LTTA 32 Teachers and staff, experimented the 8 first Digital Atelier Proposals of the partners, worked on how to valorize students competences with Pierre Fastrez and develop together other Digital Atelier Proposals.