Multiplier events

The Outputs of the project : European Manual [link al Manual] and the National Toolkits[link alla pagina Toolkits] – will be presented in the countries of the project through National Seminars and 1 Final Conference in Bologna, Italy.


Atelier Digitali per la scuola secondaria / Digital Ateliers for secondary Schools
Final Conference in Bologna, 13th and 14th of June 2019

Czech Republic

Digitální ateliér jako nový formát a nový pedagogický model /prezentace mezinárodního edukačního projektu App Your School/. (Digital Atelier as a New Format and New Educational Model / Presentation of the International Project App Project Your School )
06/06/2019, Prague City Gallery
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“Nauji formalaus ir neformalaus ugdymo metodai: nuo mokyklos iki darbo rinkos“/ “New formal and non-formal education methods: from school to the labour market”.
31/05/2019, Šiauliai, Šiaulių universiteto biblioteka
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Pracownie Cyfrowe – jak nowe technologie mogą wspierać kompetencje kulturalne i społeczne? (Digital Ateliers – how new technologies can help us develop social and cultural competencies?)
16/05/2019, Bytomskie Centrum Kultury, Bytom
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APP Your School Final Programme
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New Technologies & teenagers’ learning – When experimentation meets the school’s curriculum  (ΝΕΕΣ ΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΕΣ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΣΗ ΕΦΗΒΩΝ – Ο πειραματισμός συναντά το επίσημο Πρόγραμμα Σπουδών)
20.06.2019, Serafeio – City of Athens
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