School Bullying

Organization: NOUS, Institute of Digital Learning and Communication, NGO
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Website: here
Type of workshop: Use of different technological tools in order to approach a common theme
Ages: 11-12 years old


The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness to school bullying and its consequences through the use of new techonologies.
The participants watch a story. The story stops at a certain point in which a resolution is expected and the participants are called to finish the story. During this process we use augmented reality software and 3d glasses in order to inspire them and to make them more enthusiastic, to engage them in the story line, to raise their creativity.
They create a storyboard and they illustrate their scenario with the use of appropriate software. Their images are put in a video editing software and they narrate their story with their voices. Their digital story is ready!

    Background of practice.

The methodologies used are project-based and hands-on learning enhanced by the use of new technologies.
For the realization of the activity it is important that all participants have access to explore the digital tools, sometimes in teams and other times individually.
The need for this workshop was primarily the observation that children are often passive viewers and not active participants in the learning procedure and in the use of technology.

    What is being learned-skills developed.

In this workshop, participants learn about new technologies such as video editing tools, augmented reality books and apps and 3d glasses. They use the latter in order to cultivate a sense of active citizenship, as the program is aiming to raise awareness to school bulling and its consequences.
The ICT competence that the workshop is being built upon is the familiarity of the participants with computers and softwares. Other learning outcomes are the cultivation of empathy and the reinforcement of their digital storytelling skills.

    Successes- Difficulties.

A strong aspect of the activity is the way the children are engaged to the subject via the new technologies.
On the other hand, an unexpected thing observed is that quite often teenagers’ imagination appears to be blocked.