Learning, teaching and training activities

To design the new format of “digital atelier” we will organize, in Bologna (headquarters of the Alberto Manzi’s Archive and Centre), 2 Transnational, Teaching and Learning Activities, on 5 days, where teachers and partners will discover and work concretely with the “Alberto Manzi Method” and “Bruno Munari Method”, will co-design and test some “digital atelier” and will dedicate time to work on small groups; starting to share hereby the European format of the digital atelier.

Teachers have an active role because they will link methodologies and contents with their school curriculum, supported by the national partners. In the 2 Transnational, Teaching and Learning Activities we will invite ancient collaborators of Manzi and Munari, direct witnesses of the 2 methodologies in order to have a thorough knowledge. Some of them as Paolo Mazzoli, Invalsi director, has the double role of expert of Alberto Manzi and expert on school evaluation to ensure the important link between innovation and quality assessment.

Each Consortium has great competencies and previous experiences that we will valorize and use during the LTT activities: engineering skills (Finland, Turkey and Lithuania), app and geo-localization (Portugal), artistic competencies (Greece and Poland), social empowerment (Czeck Republic), tackling Early School Leaving (Portugal). In order to ensure continuity in training between LTT activities and the 8 national seminars we will collectively elaborate guidelines for the digital atelier.